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When you’re running through funding rounds, you have a lot of things to juggle. Let us take care of the marketing while you focus on the business.

Whether you’re working to prove that your business model at an accelerator or are progressing through the funding alphabet, the founder’s journey is a challenging one. The next year is going to leave you with a lot of sleepless nights and stress as you put in the countless hours of work needed to help it grow.

You’re living the dream. The product is there. The business model is taking shape. You have a chance to make a significant mark on society and help your fledgling business take flight.

Startup leaders need to focus their efforts on a lot of things. But with a 90% failure rate, founders need to prioritize their efforts. Marketing is a critical part of startup success, but too often, founders take on this responsibility without having the time or expertise to succeed.

Great marketing helps you grow, reinforces your business model, and positions you for the next step. Ineffective marketing is the most common cause of startup failure. It’s your choice—be a success or be a statistic?

Content, Advertising, and Digital Marketing Agency Specializing in Startups

At Modern Marketing Partners, we trace our roots back to 1996, long before the dot-com bubble, the financial crisis, and the new age of startups. We’ve seen what it takes to put startups on the map, and have constantly evolved our processes to drive growth.

Over the past quarter century, our agency has constantly improved to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our startup clients. Digital marketing that delivers, content that converts, and websites that not only wow, but also serve as a lead generation engine that fuels business and revenue growth.

Startups are built on running as lean as possible. Decisions can happen in minutes and growth is the name of the game. We can relate.

When you work with Modern Marketing Partners, you can rest assured that you have a partner with the experience and expertise in the startup industry that makes sure you can focus on what matters most. Here are just some of the ways that we connect your growing business with clients.

  • Fast-Growth Digital Marketing: When you’re trying to double in size each month, you need a marketing backbone strong enough to support that. Our experts in digital marketing do the work to build a marketing strategy that fuels growth.
  • Hot Leads, Served Fresh: Today’s buyer is around 70% of the way into a purchase before they want to hear from sales staff. Our team works hand in hand with you a to tailor messaging and content, handing off well-informed clients who are excited to start working with you.
  • Websites That Convert: Make your website your best salesperson. We build a flow-focused website that takes the work out of driving interest and pushing customers through the funnel.
  • Growth Hacking Startup Expertise: Finding people is a lot harder when no one has ever heard of you. Growth hacking is your way to hack the user psychology to drive engagement. Our combined content and outreach puts you in the conversation and moves you into the buying phase quickly.

Here are just some of the early, mid, and late-stage startups we’ve put in a growth trajectory.

Legal Services Link
Iconic Concepts Startup Marketing
Insurance Broker Hub Startup Marketing
ioRefer startup marketing

Our Specialized Startup Marketing Services Include:

Bold and Brilliant Branding

Start your business on the right foot. Our branding team helps you better understand how to stand out in your niche and build a lasting brand.

Web Design and Conversion Rate Optimization

Your website needs to be the hub for your marketing activities. We build websites that not only look good, but deliver user experiences and flow that you can be proud of.


Paid Search and SEO

Our experienced team of ad buyers will set you up with the targeting you need. Our holistic approach to content, SEO, and paid marketing will increase your quality score and decrease your costs.


Strategic Content Marketing

Connect your company with buyers at every stage of the buying cycle. Our team of inbound certified marketers will build and execute a content marketing strategy to deliver a tailored content experience.

Lead Generation

Fuel your traffic and fill your funnel. Our lead generation team will put you in front of interested buyers. Our lead generation experts find the right contacts, qualify them, and nurture their interest—all you have to do is close the sale.


Email Marketing

Grow traffic, nurture leads, and deliver content that feeds your funnel. From list building to email design, creation, and distribution, we’re putting you in front of readers and optimizing emails for better deliverability and clicks.

free website analysis
free website analysis

Get a Startup Marketing Assessment

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to running a startup. We know that money is tight. If you’re looking for an in-depth Website/SEO analysis, and marketing plan recommendations, simply fill out your information below and we will provide a complete marketing and website assessment.

MMP Client Results

Startup Marketing Results


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Startup Marketing Guide

Today’s tech startup space is a busy and crowded one. We have identified 4 marketing disciplines  that startups should focus on to achieve highly effective marketing, while realizing cost efficiencies that won’t break the bank. Startup marketing disciplines include competitive analysis, branding, digital marketing, and ongoing communications.

Startup Marketing

Startup Marketing Expertise

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