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One of the tenets of modern marketing is thought leadership and information sharing. Candidly, if you respect what we have to say, perhaps you will give us a call to help on your next marketing project? To that end, we have a number of marketing white papers and case studies to share with you here. Be sure to check out our marketing blog or marketing library for even more tips and information.

Digital Marketing Transformation Glossary

Marketing is changing rapidly, and so is the terminology used by marketing and business professionals, and not surprisingly, consultants. Digital Marketing Transformation (or DMT) is decidedly digital, and therefore so is the glossary.

Thought Leadership Guide: Tips and Trade Secrets for Success

This Thought Leadership Marketing Best Practices Guide will provide insight into these challenges, and how an effective thought leadership marketing not only overcomes challenges, but if implemented correctly, TLM can achieve significant and measurable results.

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Agency Selection

This Marketing Agency Selection Guide will first consider some of the reasons for both hiring and firing an agency, followed by detailed descriptions of 11 types of agencies, a 4-Step Agency Selection Process, along with some additional resources on the subject.

Software Marketing Best Practices Guide

So what is a software marketing best practices guide? It’s a proven and refined process for achieving significant and measurable marketing and sales results. First, key marketing challenges that all software vendors face are identified. Second, a proprietary process for overcoming these challenges and achieving market leadership is detailed.

Email Marketing Best Practices Guide

Email marketing is still one of the leading marketing tactics when it comes to lead generation and results measurement. But like other marketing, email is only effective when executed correctly. Learn more in our Email Marketing Best Practices guide.

Micro-Vertical Marketing Guide

This Micro-Vertical Marketing Guide will start with a definition, followed by details on industry classifications. Next, objectives and some tips for identifying viable micro-verticals. Of course, effective marketing is the key to success, so best practices are delineated. Finally, a micro-vertical marketing case study will share a real life example, and relevant resources will provide additional insight.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Top 10 Priorities 

Have you noticed a drop in website traffic? Anemic sales or lead activity from your website? You’re not alone. Frequent search engine algorithm updates are wreaking havoc on website results. Especially sites that lack search engine optimization or SEO.

Content Marketing Best Practices Guide

This Content Marketing Best Practice Guide details 3 phases of the content marketing process: planning, implementation, and measurement. Both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) content marketing scenarios are considered.

Glossary of Modern Marketing Defintions

Learn both traditional marketing terms, as well as new marketing terminology. Definitions are conveniently categorized by advertising, branding, direct marketing, market research, product development, public relations, internet marketing, search engine optimization and social media.

Social Media Marketing for Beginners

With over 27% of total U.S. Internet time being spent on social networking sites, not having a presence is truly a missed opportunity for businesses. Are you a business looking to get into social media marketing, but just not sure where to begin? Get our guide!

Startup Marketing Best Practices Guide

In the shadows of record numbers of Startups is a 90% failure rate, with marketing dominating reasons for failure. This “Guide” identifies 9 Marketing Disciplines for Startup Success, along with multiple sub-disciplines, and several marketing resources for startups.

WooCommerce: The Ultimate Guide

Is your ecommerce website powered by WooCommerce? Then this is the guide for you! We have helped many clients launch their online stores with WooCommerce and have compiled this guide to help you with some of the most common questions we receive.

How Brands Can Use Cause Marketing For Results

This whitepaper will help you to understand what cause marketing is, why it’s good for your business or brand, and how you can implement it effectively. We’ll also share some case studies and an infographic presenting the latest trends in cause marketing.

Information Technology Marketing Guide

This whitepaper will identify four (4) reasons that effective IT marketing is more important than ever, followed by Top 10 IT Marketing Best Practices, an IT Marketing Infographic, case study, and links to additional resources.

Catalog Marketing Best Practices

Beside high profile, big budget consumer catalogs like Crate and Barrel or Victoria’s Secret, what are effective techniques for business-to-business or niche market catalogs? To answer this question, Modern Marketing Partners share Top 10 Catalog marketing best practices, along with some examples and additional resources.

New Rules of PR: A Guide to Modern Publicity

How does public relations integrate with today’s modern marketing practices? What are best practices for marketing publicity? Download the New Rules of PR: A Guide to Modern Publicity so you can see how PR applies to today’s marketing practices.

Guide to Marketing Capital Equipment

How do you market capital equipment? This guide to marketing capital equipment identifies four aspects of capital equipment purchasing, along with three considerations of capital equipment marketing, a capital equipment marketing checklist, and a capital equipment marketing infographic.

How to Measure Marketing

Frequently called marketing metrics, depending on the scale of your company or program, measuring marketing results can range from simple to a variety of complex methods and approaches. Download the whitepaper on modern rules for How to Measure Marketing and learn various tactics for marketing measurement.

Marketing Planning and Budgeting

What are the best practices for budgeting and planning your marketing campaign? Download the Marketing Planning and Budgeting white paper to learn about how you can prepare for and execute an efficient marketing campaign.

Channel Partner Marketing: 10 Modern Best Practices

What are channel partner marketing best practices? Download this whitepaper by filling out the form below to learn 4 reasons why channel partners should reconsider marketing, top 10 marketing best practices for channel partners, and the new channel partner marketing imperative.

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