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We help piece the puzzle together.

Trivia Marketing International delivers unparalleled customer and market insight into enterprise ICT investment. With 5 ICT budget indicators including total ICT budget and budget [Hardware, Software, Services and Telecom] at site and company levels we cover all industry sectors, all languages, across 35+ countries worldwide. 


With these additional financial indicators, we help our clients bring more specific, targeted and cleaned data insights, to deliver higher ROMI and faster revenue generation.


Adding ICT budget spend product values to your database, expanding it to get proper coverage locally and internationally; isn’t that one answer to the unchanged marketing methodologies from last decades.


Yes we can tell you about prospects you might not know yet and above all we can tell you how much they spend.

Trivia Marketing International was born from an idea back in June 2009 during a serendipitous coffee break between two office park acquaintances. One of them, in charge of global ICT marketing operations, expressed an uncertainty about the quality of the company's databases and was struggling to understand why there were more successes in some countries and not in others given that marketing operations were transverse across multiple countries.


The global ICT marketing operations have been the same for decades, seemingly out of step with the explosion of data specialists, data browsers, data agencies, data sources, simply more data…


Were marketing operations missing the connection?


Yes, all this technology helped to shed some light and achieve some degree of success, but still the stories remain the same: No real significant changes and no great benefits for businesses.


What was needed was a highly refined, intelligent and efficient application of data for marketing operations.


It was thus that the idea from 2009 became a solution called "Client Buying Power Solution".


A volume of data available is only useful when it is cleaned, and the data are analyzed for meaningful and relevant information. This allows better and more efficient application of that information.


This is the true challenge of Big Data! 


For our specialty solution we mine our clients’ databases to quantify the micro-market values of ICT buying power.  


We at Trivia Marketing are passionate about building customized marketing solutions for our clients whether designing and executing marketing campaigns, business intelligence, or creating, sourcing the best data for our clients' needs.

Our vision is to work in collaboration with our clients to produce the best and most robust results through innovative solutions!

Our mission is to push forward innovations and analytic techniques to bridge the connections of Big Data for smart marketing!


1. Peer-less solutions

2. Problem-solving

3. Genuine pleasure in collaboration and effective results

4. Talent and Creativity

5. Attentive and Responsive


But above all, if you’re looking for real partner to listen to your needs for flexibility, for responsiveness, for qualitative work, for engagement: You are exactly at the right place!


We believe not just in the bottom line. While we place a great emphasis on data, we place in high regard human resources - the knowledge and expertise everyone contributes for successful projects.

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