PPC AutomationAccording to 79% of marketers, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising benefits their business. PPC advertising is crucial in digital marketing because it increases brand visibility, improves website traffic, generates leads and sales, and provides a high return on investment. For every dollar you spend on Google Ads, you make $8. PPC automation software simplifies this process.

Paid search is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. But, there are many moving parts to PPC advertising. This is why it is best to hire a PPC expert who can handle your projects. From keywords to bid adjustments, it requires non-stop monitoring—a task too big for mere mortals. This page, with information on several tools, will help you manage your PPC campaigns more effectively.

But before that, let’s look at what PPC advertising is.

What is PPC Advertising?

Users of search engines, such as Google, are shown advertisers’ ads through pay-per-click advertising. Upon entering a search term into the search engine, the user is presented with relevant search engine results. Text-based ads are often displayed to users of search engines, and whenever a user clicks on one of these ads, the advertiser is charged (hence the term “pay-per-click”).

Luckily, many reputable PPC management software solutions can help you keep track of your paid search marketing campaigns and improve your ad spend. Some of these tools focus on a single function, like preventing click fraud, while others can automate the whole process for you.

Our list of services will help you manage client data if you’re a PPC agency or a business owner who doesn’t necessarily want to leave everything to an agency. These tools can also be used for other types of digital marketing, such as SEO.

SEOBut, hiring PPC experts who are proficient in using these tools to build high-quality applications is also essential. 

Tools Description Key Features
Opteo A complete toolkit for Google Ads managers. ●      Tracks Google Ads

●      Recommend changes as per trends

●      Suggestions upto 40 different improvement types

●      Can take suggestions live in a matter of seconds

●      Offers in-depth performance graphs




Designed for PPC account managers, analysts, and strategists and is the PPC software that steers Volvo in the right direction.

Optmyzr focuses on Google ads, Facebook ads, Amazon advertising, Microsoft ads

Other ad formats it supports are search ads, shopping ads, display ads, and video ads.

●      One-click optimizations

●      Budget optimization

●      Bid management

●      Slack integration

●      Scheduled reports




Helps brands make a holistic optimization strategy for paid search and paid social.

It also offers a tool called Budget Navigator, that helps brands control their spends.

●      Dynamic budgeting

●      Campaign mirroring

●      Custom metrics

●      A/B testing at scale

●      Direct API integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat




A full suite of advertising solutions and services. They have award-winning Google Ads and Facebook Ads Graders.


●      Social Functionality

●      Campaign Management

●      Bulk Editing

●      Batch Uploading

●      Budget Pacing

●      Creative Optimization

●      Targeting

●      Retargeting

●      Geo-Targeting

●      Custom Reports

●      User, Role, and Access Management

●      Performance and Reliability

●      Workflow Capability




Aims at brand marketers who need help with display, search, and social advertising.


Also, have proprietary suite of tools


●      KPI builder that identifies underperforming accounts

●      Search query keyword expansion tool

●      Report templates

●      Round-the-clock bid and budget management


For more detailed features, read till the end.


Hire a PPC expert to detect statistically significant patterns and constantly monitor Google Ads accounts.

Opteo also suggests improving your Adwords account, which can be pushed live to your Google Adwords account in a few moments.

Here are the key features:

Improve Ad creative

Opteo performs split tests on ad creative to improve performance and help pause underperforming ads. The tool ensures that your ads are up-to-date and also fresh.

Optimize Bids

Opteo helps one make data-driven bid adjustments that boost performance and reduce wasted spend. This tool can adjust location bids, demographic bids, schedule bids, budget caps, and below-first-page bids.

Exclude Bad Traffic

Opteo ensures that reputable, high-performing sources click on your ads. It helps exclude low-performing placements, and site categories, disable search partner sites, and much more.

Detect Errors

Opteo checks for common errors, from spelling to keyword conflicts, and recommends fixes whenever something comes up.


Share performance graphs with clients and colleagues, send updates to managers, and access real-time trend data.

Explore Segments

Opteo also segments performance across different dimensions of an account. Find the most profitable segments and get insights into marketing angles, budget changes, and more.

Manage Budgets

Opteo helps you set up your budget before one dives into the market. It gets timely spending alerts, helpful budgeting tools, and other useful stuff. It also ensures that one always controls the Google Ads spend.

Manage Shopping Ads

Opteo helps manage the product inventory to optimize performance, adjust item bids based on profitability, and keep product groups synchronized with Google Merchant Center.

PPC ToolsOptmyzr

With Optmyzr, one can build safeguards, access data visibility, and find the peace of mind that makes clients happier.

Key features of Optmyzr


Optmyzr makes tracking KPI metrics easier, managing budgets, and spotting opportunities to improve and scale performance.

One-click Optimization

Optmyzr works with ad platform automation to optimize ads, targets, account structure, and other areas where it can drive results.

Build safeguards and create value using automation

Optmyzr offers rule-based automation, scripts, and product management to build client safeguards.


Reporting is one of the aspects PPC professionals care about the most. With Optmyzr, one can use reports to point both ad platforms and teams/clients in the right direction.


Unlock the stories hidden in the PPC data. See suggested optimizations, and take instant action or revisit the strategy.


Skai is a software that integrates workflows and privacy-safe, 360° intelligence. Skai helps businesses to go omnichannel. It also allows clients to become data-rich, form authenticated ecosystems with high engagement—and get incredible ROI.

Key features of Skai

Dynamic budgeting

Easy forecasting, optimization, and monitoring with Budget Navigator. Skai helps PPC experts streamline the budget for their ad spending. This allows managers to distribute their dynamic budgets. Utilize machine learning to manage budgets and adjust expenditures across all channels to achieve business goals.

Campaign mirroring

The campaign mirroring feature saves time and ensures campaign parity, making managing multiple publisher accounts easier.

Custom metrics

Enables marketers to set metrics by which their campaigns are automatically optimized.

A/B testing at scale

Gain insight into campaigns, understand what’s driving ROI, and improve performance with A/B and Pre/Post tests across search, social and retail media.


WordStream’s PPC Advisor is an effective and reliable tool for managing PPC campaigns and bids. PPC automation software is perfect for small businesses that need more money to hire experts.

WordStream offers recommendations on bids based on the goals and demand by combining keyword discovery, grouping, analysis, and prioritization. It creates campaigns, finds positive and negative keywords, and adjusts your budget.

With WordStream’s online bid management tools, one doesn’t have to spend time and effort managing your campaigns.


Acquisio helps with end-to-end features and functionality built for easier campaign management.

Key features:


Tell prospects their expected clicks, conversions, and even personalized campaign ROI.


Machine learning and PPC automation tools designed to streamline.


Better campaign management begins here. Get built-in cross-channel and cross-publisher ad management tools.


Acquisio leads machine learning optimization tools for intelligent performance adjustments and unprecedented digital ad campaign results.


Use one of the best search and social reporting tools that save more than half the time you spend on reporting!


Data connectors and APIs let you seamlessly plug in ad campaigns and integrate data from almost any source.


PPC automation software and bid management tools can help you save time and optimize your campaigns for better performance. The tools mentioned above are some of the top options available in the market. Depending on your specific needs and budget, you can choose the one that works best for you. It’s important to note that these tools are not a substitute for a skilled PPC specialist or agency but rather a tool to help them achieve better results.