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Our "Client Buying Power Solution" is divided into 4 different processes described below:

  1. Customer Database Discovery to evaluate current database status
  2. Database Marketing to:
    1. Assess coverage to determine the potential gain in market share
    2. Rate data content to ensure that all potential prospects are part of the database with the relevant and qualified information.
  3. Micro Markets to align your database content & coverage with your target market
  4. Analytics & Business Intelligence to add to every single record potentially:
    1. Product purchase propensity
    2. ICT budgets [Hardware, Software, Services, Telecom]
    3. Business intelligence score to derive the top 20% prospect

If the above first three steps are critical and should be applied in all businesses around the world, the fourth step is a key differentiator in defining marketing strategy and actionable marketing plans.

Effectively we are in capacity to tell you how much budget your prospects are capable to spend on your products and services!!

For example, we could tell you how much this company around the corner spends on Hardware, Software, Service and Telecom on an annual basis!!

What you’ve been waiting for decades is now available at global level: new financial metrics to identify companies likely to buy the products and services of our clients. This is a profound change in traditional marketing practices because it is finally possible to target only those prospects that have the highest propensity to incur expenses on the basis of a real spend capacity, the budget.

Our solution makes it possible to respond very precisely to these questions:

  • What is the current status of my database?
  • What is the market size?
  • What are the best prospects?
  • How much they can spend potentially?
  • How long should it take to convert into clients?
Customer Database Discovery

Data is a foundational element of success!

Database marketing

Gain a greater understanding of your market strengths and weaknesses.

Micro Markets

Get only what you need!

Analytics and Business intelligence

Focus only on your top prospects!

Lead Positioning System / Hypertargeting

~20% hot prospects are still too much to work on? We can help you out!

Customer Database Discovery

You may believe that your data is not performing to the best of its ability, but do you know where the problems lie?

Increase your productivity metrics (ROMI, ROS, ROI) with a cleaned and more effective database through a Professional Quality Assessment: 

We take a deep and precise look at your data fields and provide you with a full report as to their fill rates and the quality of the information found.


At least but not last, you will be provided with two major marketing indicators:

  1. Your marketability score: your capacity to reach a company
  2. Your promotability score: your capacity to reach a contact

Together and based on the qualitative report provided we will define prioritization of your next steps to build your NEW database foundations with your own rhythm.

Still not convinced?

How much does your data quality cost you per annum?

Check on our data quality application tool to discover the financial impact of “bad” and missing data. Link to datacost application

Database marketing

Gain a greater understanding of your market strengths and weaknesses.


Coverage Assessment: In this evaluation we look at your target market and analyze the current reach of your database. We can then assess how many additional companies could be added to your database to increase your market coverage.

Content Assessment: Depending on your business needs we will assess the content available in your database (email address, job function, industry sector etc.) and determine methods to increase content allowing for better campaign segmentation and more targeted sales calls.

A marketable database: 

At Trivia Marketing International, we own data in multiple countries however there is no single data provider that can meet all your needs thus we have developed a circle of data providers partners selected on stringent quality criteria’s. No matter the data issue you’re facing, Trivia Marketing does have a solution for each country in the world whether you have missing or incorrect data.

At this final stage we fill in the holes in your database identified during the Customer Database Discovery. Using internal and external data sources or telemarketing, we append, merge and profile information such as address, quantity of employees, sector of activity, telephone number, budget or IT director name making your data fit for segmentation and targeting purposes.

At least but not last, you will be provided with your NEW two major marketing indicators:

  1. Your marketability score: your capacity to reach a company
  2. Your promotability score: your capacity to reach a contact

Across all client projects we managed in past years we’ve been able to increase these scores by at least 25%, no matter the industry you work for!

Micro Markets

Data is everywhere. You have your own data engineered through marketing campaigns, road shows, events-seminars, telemarketing, emailing…

 Then add to that social media and external data purchases and trying to speak to the right customers starts looking like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

We know your objective in marketing and sales is to bring in more turnovers. In order to do that you need to address all your potential customers NOT the entire market! We complete your database coverage according to your target using industry recognized data sources to include all existing companies in your target market to create your “Micro Markets”.

At Trivia Marketing we help you create one unified database that will match exactly your market target:

  1. A qualitative database with maximized content and coverage
  2. A marketable database

Increase your market share through more effective marketing programs and growth sales speed to market.

Analytics and Business intelligence

The “Customer Database Discovery” has identified your data quality scores, the “Database Marketing” has helped correct both content and coverage challenges and finally the “Micro Markets” have precisely defined your target market!

Now they are still thousands or more companies to reach and your salesforce workflow are limited by its human capacity?


When a piece of information is required over a large set of data, primary research, data collections are no longer financially viable.


Analytics allows you to add information concerning your customers’ product preferences, available budget, purchase propensity, equipment volumes installed and much more through statistically validated techniques. As a result, analytics is also the answer for segmenting your database and giving account prioritization for your sales and marketing campaigns.


Get our analytics team identify:

  • The top 20% of your prospects that require attention to bring in 80% new revenue.
  • The purchase propensity scores of your prospects
  • The ICT spend capacity of your prospects


Gain greater efficiency on your current sales & marketing actions!

Lead Positioning System / Hypertargeting

Can you ascertain... Which inquiries (sources) generate the revenues?

  1. Which inquiries convert at the highest rate? Why?
  2. Which inquiries provide the highest ROI? Why?
  3. Which promotional activity has resulted in the most effective use of your marketing $$? Why?

Our experience shows that only a small percentage of incoming inquiries are ready to buy (on average 5-10%) at any one time. This means that if you entrust your sales force (or your channel partners) to qualify and quantify these opportunities then they may be spending as much as 60%-90% of their "expensive" time chasing prospects that are not ready to purchase.

Taking into consideration these facts, our Lead Positioning System / Hypertargeting solution has for main goal to provide better returns to our client through an innovative process which can generate up to three times more leads than any other classical lead generation campaign.

This is an iterative methodology that works around these 5 key processes:

  1. KNOW the needs, the preferences, the priorities ...
  2. MEASURE the opportunity size, the behavior, the organization...
  3. EXPLAIN the answers, the questions ...
  4. SEEK for ideas, improvements, actions plan...
  5. MANAGE motivation, commitment, results as a tool...

This innovative methodology provides crucial information around your prospect which when it’s crossed with our predictive analytical capabilities deliver a deep and complete understanding of your prospects.

Across all our Lead Positioning System / Hypertargeting client projects we managed in past years we’ve been able to deliver in between 15%- 25% leads, way above any usual lead generation programs.

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