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We help piece the puzzle together.

Trivia Marketing International delivers unparalleled customer and market insight into enterprise ICT investment. With 5 ICT budget indicators including total ICT budget and budget [Hardware, Software, Services and Telecom] at site and company levels we cover all industry sectors, all languages, across 35+ countries worldwide. 


With these additional financial indicators, we help our clients bring more specific, targeted and cleaned data insights, to deliver higher ROMI and faster revenue generation.


Adding ICT budget spend product values to your database, expanding it to get proper coverage locally and internationally; isn’t that one answer to the unchanged marketing methodologies from last decades.


Yes we can tell you about prospects you might not know yet and above all we can tell you how much they spend.

Why Choose Us

covering your addressable target, matching your existing data against market total and work the missing

Stop losing money and prospect to your competitors; use your data to its best level!

Do clever targeting, using our ICT budget spend indicators to differentiate your prospect strategy against competition

Clean and correct and expand your existing data

Our Specialization

  • Data quality discovery 80%

  • Database Marketing build 90%

  • International data append 80%

  • Profiling, lead generation projects 90%

  • Analytics, Business Intelligence 85%

  • Predictive modeling 90%

About our CEO



Didier Andrieu


After 20+ years spent working in different executive functions in IT, Marketing, Product development and last as European Marketing Managing Director for various major tech and marketing companies, a certainty was established that it would be very difficult or impossible to give life to new ideas, to do things differently, to experiment and to create within the confines of a large institution. A change was necessary. Didier founded Trivia Marketing International in 2011 with the idea that nothing is permanent and that things can change.


Intuition, Trust and Belief are fundamentally dear to him.

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